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Bookmarks 2018 Yeartext
On bookmarks and flyleaves for the Christian Life and Ministry meeting's Bible Reading Schedule.

Bookmarks are in English, Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), French (Francais), Italian (Italiano), Polish (Polski), Russian (Русский), and Spanish (Espanol).

Congregation Bible Study bookmarks:

"Jesus​—The Way, the Truth, the Life" (jy)

Bookmark schedules are available now in English, Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), Italian, and Russian (Русский).
Other Bookmarks are available in Arabic ( العربية ), French (Francais), Hebrew (עברית), Polish (Polski), Spanish (Español), and Thai (ไทย).

"The Bible - What Is Its Message?" (bm_KR)

in Myanmar's Karen (S'gaw) - (ကညီ(စှီၤ)ကျိာ်) language.

Photos with the Yeartext for use as Wallpaper backgrounds on your
PC (Personal Computers) or
Mobile device (tablet or smart phone).

TIP: Do you have a Smart TV?
I put all these wallpaper photos on a USB Flash Drive along with our Kingdom music in folders on it. I like to play the yeartext in a slideshow while the music plays. Very relaxing.
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